In order to offer (‘Products’) or (‘Services’) to the scientific and medical markets, Haven Scientific runs this website. The following Terms of Use (referred to as ‘Terms of Use’) extend only to consumers (referred to as ‘BUYERS’) who order the goods or services presented on this website. Such documentation relating to goods, supplies, including, but not limited to, quotes to our clients, invoices, product literature, contractual arrangements, and other official communication between our customers and provided by Haven Scientific can be contained in separate terms (‘Separate Terms’) outside these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use, and all relevant Different Terms, are intended to make it convenient and trouble-free to buy goods and services. These Terms of Use and the Different Terms in force form an arrangement between Haven Scientific and its clients for the purchase and selling of products or services (the ‘Contract’).

The Separate Terms would take priority over these Terms of Use where the Terms of Use contained on this page disagree with the Separate Terms.

You accept and adhere to all the Terms of Use and Separate Terms, if applicable, by accessing and using this website for the purchase of the Goods, and agree to be bound by all applicable regional, national, federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Haven Scientific retains the right to pursue any redress applicable under law and in equity for violations of these Terms of Use or other Different Terms.

1- Order Acceptance

An arrangement between Haven Scientific (referred to as ‘SELLER’) and the customer (referred to as ‘BUYER’) the formation of an order by the BUYER, either by acceptance of a written confirmation or by submission of a purchasing order, or by the SELLER delivering the goods on the basis of a purchase order, or by the SELLER taking an action to provide the BUYER with the items or services requested and the BUYER is considered to have agreed these conditions. Both transactions are subject to the terms and conditions contained above and are expressly conditional upon them.

Until agreed in writing and signed by an appointed representative of Haven Scientific, no modification of these terms and conditions would be binding upon Haven Scientific.

2-Standard Orders

Except explicitly noted in the catalog, no minimum order quantity is required. If a delivery notice has been made, orders cannot be updated or canceled. Additions to orders must be entered in a different order after a delivery note has been produced and can also be subject to extra shipping costs.


Prices can be accessed by entering the website of Haven Scientific at or by contacting Haven Scientific reserves the right to adjust prices without notice.


Orders are normally delivered Sunday through Thursday for next business day distribution. Upon request, a Saturday delivery may be approved which may result in extra costs. The right to select the shipper and the shipping system is reserved by Haven Scientific.  The invoice will require freight or shipping and storage costs that must be charged in advance. All shipments are freight on board (FOB) shipping point. When the goods are physically passed over to the commercial carrier, title and responsibility for the products passes to the Consumer. Schedules of delivery and duration are estimates only. Based on stock availability, Haven Scientific will make all fair efforts to ship goods in a timely way.

During the shipping, Haven Scientific is not responsible for any losses, costs, lawsuits, or damages. This entails accidents, fraud, arson, labor issues, or conflicts, adverse weather, other acts of nature, or other situations that trigger supply delays.

Products are to be shipped to commercial and/or academic laboratories and will not be shipped to private residential addresses.

5-Changes and Cancellations

A written agreement between the BUYER and Haven Scientific is only way to change or cancel the orders, and Haven Scientific reserve the right to charge the BUYER a cancellation fee. The BUYER agrees to pay the change or cancelation charges paid by Haven Scientific as a result of the change or cancelation, including, but not exceeding, charges and prices. Such expenses might include, but will not be limited to, the cost of storage and delivery, the cost of manufacturing non-standard goods, the cost of importing non-returnable materials, the cost of cancellation paid by their manufacturers to Haven Scientific and all other costs arising out of the alteration or cancellation of the order.

6-Shortages and Damages

Immediately upon receipt of any Products, BUYER must inspect the Products and notify Haven Scientific in writing (on the email within five (5) working days of any claims for shortages, damages, or Product defects or defects in packaging. If such shortages, defects, or damages are discovered, BUYER should hold the goods for written instructions from Haven Scientific concerning disposition. Failure to alert Haven Scientific within five working days of delivery of the Products shall mean approval by Haven Scientific of the Products as having been shipped without deficiency or harm in connection with shipment or any defect of any type.

Not all return requests will be approved and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at to seek permission to return, or for information or confirmation.

7-Orders for Standing and Blanket

“Standing” as well as “Blanket” orders are issued by Haven Scientific. Standing Orders are pre-arranged shipments of a commodity on a recurring basis at a fixed price. A Blanket Order is an arrangement to supply goods on a “per-order” basis at a specified amount.

8-Goods Allocation

If Haven Scientific is unable to provide the complete quantity of the Goods listed in the processed order for any reason whatsoever, Haven Scientific retains the right to allocate the Products without responsibility to consumers for any loss in results that might occur.

9-Payment Terms

All the payment must be in advance upon the date of order. Payments by the BUYER in international territories shall be in US dollars. Haven Scientific reserves the right to postpone the delivery of the Products based on the BUYERS ability to pay. In the case that the BUYER did not apply their obligations to Haven Scientific in compliance with the payment terms, Haven Scientific may change the payment terms for any undelivered Product, defer delivery of undelivered Product, sell any undelivered Products, or cancel the contract altogether. BUYER agrees to pay all costs, including but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees, accounting fees, and other expenses of collection resulting from any default by BUYER in any of the terms.

If the BUYER is a VAT-exempt agency, a copy of the VAT exemption certificate must be presented with a purchase order by soft copy to

10-Payment Options

A purchase order agreement between the BUYER and Haven Scientific is acceptable for product reserving. Reserving Products requires a purchase order (PO) outlining the Separate Terms of the purchase (PO number, product type, quantity, price, ship date, etc.).  For a commodity on reserve, a NON-REFUNDABLE storage fee can be charged. Bank transfer, MADA, VISA, MasterCard.

11-Research Use Only

The Products which include the term ‘FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY’, are not approved for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications. All products must be used according to our instructions.

12-Limited Warranties

Haven Scientific guarantee and warrant that the Products will perform until the expiry date within the prescribed requirements contained on the Technical Data Sheet(s) (‘TDS’) linked to each particular Product. TDS can be found on Both warranties and assurances are applicable only if the products are used in compliance with the guidelines and protocols given. It is solely the responsibility of the consumer to make sure that the items are appropriate for their specific use.

The warranties do not apply to faults or defects caused by: (a) BUYER causing neglect or accident. (a)  using outside of instructed environmental specifications. (b) using in an improper, inadequate, or unapproved manner, such as failure to follow our instructions.

13-Limited Time Use

Our selling of products gives a restricted, non-transferable right to use products for internal research purposes, unless otherwise provided for in the relevant separate terms and conditions.

14-Resale and Commercial Use

The act of buying Haven Scientific Products does not convey a right to resell the Products or any part or derivative of that Product to the Consumer, specifically, by default or by a suspension. Unless explicitly specifically stated in the Separate Terms by Haven Scientific.