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Our Solutions

Human Diagnostics 

At Haven, we offer a range of diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases with a focus on providing sensitive and specific testing for a variety of pathogens.

Our tests are designed to assist laboratories in:

Surveillance and detection of MENA endemics
Infectious respiratory diseases
Neuro-infectious diseases
Sexually transmitted infections

With our comprehensive range of diagnostic solutions, you can trust us to help you achieve accurate and efficient testing for a variety of infectious diseases.

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Veterinary Diagnostics 

We are committed to supporting the veterinary sector with customized and flexible solutions for infectious disease surveillance.

Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of government and private entities, helping to protect animal health and prevent the spread of animal-borne

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DNA and RNA Extraction

Haven provides economical solutions for rapid nucleic acid extraction for high-throughput laboratories based on automation. We also provide practical manual extraction solutions for medium to low-throughput laboratories.


Our DNA extraction kits are designed for efficient and reliable extraction of high-quality DNA from a variety of sources, including whole blood, serum, plasma, animal cells, tissue, saliva, and bacteria, or for DNA cleanup.

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Our RNA extraction kits are dependable and efficient choices for isolation of high-quality RNA from mammalian cells, tissue, blood, or a variety of clinical samples.

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Research and Consultation Services

We offer consultation and research services in several areas such
as: clinical testing research, gene expression, genotyping, gene
sequencing, and many more.

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